I was a patient of Dr. Susan K. Eleeson when experiencing domestic verbal/emotional abuse issues. I found her to be very professional throughout my several years of treatment. She was approachable, warm, compassionate...yet as firm as necessary (as many times as necessary) in exploring issues and options, perceptive in her listening, and articulate in communicating. She communicated/worked with my other healthcare professionals to ensure that I was receiving the best care possible. She provided multiple resources (books, articles etc.) and current research information to further my understanding of the situation. Her highly effective guidance was invaluable in helping me to regain my self, and a healthy experience. I have recommended and will continue to recommend Dr. Eleeson.
— December 2015
Dr. Eleeson is superb! She has helped me through a lot of hard times and is wonderful.
I only wish that I had met Dr. Eleeson much sooner in my life. It was at the end of a long battle with cancer that I met her. She is very kind, compassionate and intelligent professional. Dr. Eleeson is always welcoming, warm and insightful lady. My hope was that after cancer I can move beyond recurrence fears and live a happier and a healthier life and she is helping me do just that. I have visited with counselors in the past and find them bland and without knowledge or advice. Why get the generic bland person to help you when you can get the best. She comes highly regarded in the Sioux Falls community.
— breast cancer thriver
Dr. Eleeson has been a trusted advocate and care provider for me for over 15 years. She first treated me for postpartum anxiety and has treated me off and on every since. She is extremely intuitive and perceptive, giving me just the right amount of compassion and challenge. I feel that she has gotten to know me as a multifaceted person. She gained my trust early and has never lost it. I have recommended several other people to her.
5 punctuality 5 helpfulness 5 knowledge. Dr. Eleeson has been an incredibly effective counselor! I have known her for over five years. I cannot say enough positive about her abilities as a Psychologist. She is perceptive, understands and spot on with applying hr training. I have and will continue to recommend her to family and friends.

Physician Recommended

She is a gifted psychologist to whom I have referred many patients from my Internal medicine
practice. She likes to work collaboratively with physicians to help improve patient outcomes and
compliance. She has a comprehensive skill set for treatment of psychological problems. She
has had a a unique set of experiences that has helped nurture her passion. She worked for over
eight years within the Sanford Obstetrics/Gynecology Clinic with postpartum women and others
from general gynecology practice suffering from various psychological problems. She is
particularly skilled at integrating behavioral health into primary care practices educating her
clients and the physicians who care for them, too. More recently, she has integrated into
Sanford Oncology Clinic, treating cancer patients and their family members with problems
related to stress, anxiety and depression. She is very creative and draws pictures and flow
diagrams for patients showing how key hormones affect the brain and a person’s sense of well-being. In summary, I give my highest recommendation for Dr. Susan Eleeson, without
reservation. She is very compassionate, friendly, creative, dependable person who works with
integrity for patient centered care. She is passionate about and dedicated to the need for
integration of behavioral health care in the primary care setting
You have been a wonderful addition to our clinic! Your clients love you. I know you will get people in quickly and take care of them.
I expect nothing less than the best. You are awesome SKE! Thanks for helping all our women.
I was so excited with your ideas for the Embrace retreat. We have wonderful feedback from your breakouts and they wish they had more time.